Patient Testimonials

  • Great knowledge, enthusiasm, and problem-solving skills.

    Simon W.

  • Kensey is absolutely amazing!! Will never use any other PT again!

    Retta C.

  • Absolutely the best PT I have ever had and I have had a lot. Dr. Bermingham operates at a completely different level.

    David S.

  • I am so grateful for the excellent care provided by Kensey at RX Physical Therapy. After years of heel pain and decreased calf strength, Kensey has tailored a treatment plan specific to my athletic needs. His progressive, forward-thinking treatment plan has decreased my pain, increased my strength, and has helped to flip my dire attitude to one of hope. His encouraging and positive attitude also make working with him an absolute pleasure.

    Lisa A.

  • So thankful to have crossed paths with Kensey. I’ve been working through a newer injury and we worked an older one as well. I never had any hope of gaining improvement on the old one. I had just resolved that it was what it was. It was an exciting moment when I realized that I could get better. Kensey is knowledgeable, fun and genuinely cares about what he does beyond just a job.

    Misty D.